Church choir, colour pencils, 30х40 cm

The one who gives is always happier than the one who accepts. Give, you need to give. Anyone who understands this topic is happy. You have a voice. Real, clean. You can't help but sing. Pure notes splash out from the inside. But you did not go to sing. And he became, for example, an accountant. But the voice is crushing from the inside. Tears out. Solo in the shower can drown out the sound of water, but it does not drown out the desire to distribute the talent boiling inside. Yes, there are wildly self-motivated souls. They break through to the scenes of La Scala and other cosmic heights. But you're just an accountant or a nurse, or a cook. You are like a candle that you forgot in the closet. They didn’t light you. Covered in dust. This happens in most cases. You do not understand why it is sad and joyless. In Switzerland, there are practically no such forgotten candles. There is a choir here. In every village. In every church. Just go and sing. And the talents are coming. And sometimes, under the arches of an ancient temple, the voice of a simple clerk is heard of incredible beauty. He deserves the Vienna Opera. But there are far more talents in the world than scenes. And the small village choir is happy to give out its clean notes to a few viewers for free. These candles burn, give out their heat. For a while, a couple of dozen souls light up and become one single, absolutely happy soul. And you warmed up by this fire and it became a little more joyful. But the one who gives is always more happier, and not the one who accepts.