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My romantic abstract art

I draw only when I am absolutely happy. Those who decorated their house with my paintings say that if you look at the drawing for a long time, your mood rises. This is hard to verify. But you can always try.

You can see the work on this site. Give it a try! You will certainly become warmer and happier in your soul. This is probably immodest, but I know for sure that I am painting happiness.

Phillip McKinneyStudio Manager
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A little bit of my revelations

Romantic abstract art

This style reflects my perception of the world. An artist can draw only what he feels. A romance is my alter ego

Enjoy beautiful fantasies

Abstraction in art is beautiful in that everyone sees something different in the picture. A picture acquires exactly as many meanings as how many people looked at it.

Where are my drawings born?

I myself cannot answer this question. Often, when I start drawing, I have no idea what will appear on paper now. It’s a secret. And this secret is not mine.